Your choices matter..

” My life is no more optional. I don’t live a life of my own and can’t decide what my life is going to be like ” ~~~John~~

I wrote this down in my journal today and have been taking quick glances like my life depends on it. I am going to tell you how I stumbled upon this quote:

I was taking a walk as usual to relive the boredom chocking my lifestyle. I was walking across the pharmacy when I saw the pharmacist pushing a man away, a man which with no doubt older than my father. I decided to step into the situation not just out of self pity but curiosity hoping nothing bad would come out of it. I inquired from the pharmacist and he said “this man has no cash and he wants to be attended to”. That sent pity all over my spines. “How much does it cost?” I asked the pharmacist who was in no way anxious to attend to me.

“#5000”.. the pharmacist replied with a frown.

I guess that’s equivalent to 13.02 U.S.A dollar, 4.05 kuwaiti dinar, 10.37 pound sterling and 12.03 euro depending on your country.

I shuffled out some cash and gave the pharmacist and took the old man who I discovered was named John into the pharmacy to ensure he wasn’t ignored. When I was sure about his welfare, I decided to head home but John drew my attention to extend his gratitude. That led to the quote I put down in my journal and the intro for this blog post. John expressed his agony and pain furthermore:

” When I wake up every morning, I pray to God to send a Messiah for me. One to feed and help me for each day and today, you are my Messiah”.

You know what I told him??

” My life is optional, I get to live it the way I want. I don’t let people live it for me neither do I let them be a Messiah to me. I work for life and life pays me. I hope for the best always and watch them come true.”

” Hope and Faith belongs to the Young . Old creatures like us are already forgotten and are living the earth gradually” John smiled weakly and replied.

You know what I said??

“You have failed to have faith but the world is still holding onto that faith. If you aren’t going to Join the world to hold onto it, then you have failed”. I didn’t just bluff this out, I was angry and disappointed.

I was actually typing in this post but I drafted it planning to trash because I believed it was an encounter to benefit and advice me only. But looking at the world from my point of view, I realized that we all need such encounters with people who have lost faith and hope.

Life isn’t all about making choices, it’s about living to watch the outcome of our choices. Then why let people make choices for you?

Do you know what it means for a life to be optional? A life that is optional makes choices for it’s self, a life that is optional determines it’s progress, failure, encounter and rights. A life that is optional writes its own stories and isn’t guided by the stories of a brother, neighbor, family or even a President of a Country. Is your life optional??

A pandemic broke out but that doesn’t limit our lives, it doesn’t limit our choices, it doesn’t limit our faith, it doesn’t limit our hope for a greater future. Living an optional life means we dictate possibilities and we choose from various options. It’s like a scale of preference in Economics. We don’t have to give up, we can limit unnecessary wants to fulfill necessary needs.

What I saw in John’s eyes was faithlessness and hopelessness. And I saw that in 90% of the eyes I saw on my way home. Is this the way out? The government has made it’s decisions and we are left to make ours. We cannot depend or live on the little they offer us as “palliatives”.

I am not asking you to bolt out and lead a gang of protesters neither am I asking you to vandalize properties in a time of such distress. I am only asking for you to see the hope of our Generation and have faith in that. I am asking you to make choices and live by it. I am asking you to determine your life.

Sitting in agony in our apartments won’t do any good. Available online business forums are keenly awaiting us, lots of opportunities can be explored in times like this.

It’s what you decide now that matters. Your choices now matters and if you make the wrong ones, you got your self to blame and you are going regret it.

John couldn’t make his choices. He let people live his life, he waited for palliatives, he opened up for his choices to be ridden by people. And worst of all, his life was not optional. I know we’ve got no candies or cash to throw around. I know it’s quite difficult but you can make a difference and make choices that matters to the human race. Your life is optional, it’s urs and not even Anita can change that. So live it the way it should be lived. I know we are going to go through this and we will conquer our situations.





I got up from bed today with the perfect plan to tell the world about my feelings. I was going to scream if noone was willing to listen but I quit the idea because I realized I will be left in a puddle of shame and embarrassment. After my regular morning routine, I decided to check out the news track while downing a cup of coffee. And what I heard and saw made me give second thoughts about re-blogging and eventually I gave in…

My question is ‘are we in another dimension??‘ Or ‘ am I an alien??’

I really need a fellow to give in an answer because I am practically out of words..

“Where are the scientists? These couldn’t be more than they could handle”. My coffee cup felt heavier than normal and I lowered it on the table.

Yesterday’s victim was once a survivor.. Today’s victim was yesterday’s survivor and Tomorrow’s victim will be Today’s survivor

To play the role of a victim is to give in to the problems of our society, to play the role of a victim is to give up on our world. It isn’t quite easy to keep up with everything.

We are been languished by the Chinese created virus “covid-19” and all attention is being directed towards it.. Do we know that humans have other pressing needs? Take for instance: the brutal and inhumane murdering of the C.A.N president in a Northern state.

I watched the execution of this innocent man with pain, he was killed in no better way than a chicken. I watched as he was defenceless and couldn’t even utter a sound despite the effect of the sharp blades on his neck. He died and he isn’t the next JESUS so don’t console yourselves with such an excuse. I took another sip of my cold coffee and swore I wouldn’t be a victim.

The human race is being wiped out gradually and I am frightened if they would be a next generation. Our countries are locked down and they have been records of little or no transactions. THIS IS NOT MY DIMENSION.

Its heart bugging to realize that humans have no value to be buried after death. It’s not news to everyone that corpse are dumped into the sea, oceans, rivers and lakes without the slightest consideration about it’s negativity. Well, today’s news puts it that sea creatures are dying and floating out of the waters, what more do we want?? A country with only living trees? Well, if the ozone layer doesn’t deplete on us.. We shouldn’t make up for natural disasters with man made disasters though I wouldn’t name anything happening around ” natural”. It’s not a topic to debate all over, it should be a message to everyone that we are ruining our dimension.

Its not mare luck you’ve got no kids to bother you at home because they can’t go to school anymore, I think it’s bad luck. Look at the educational system and you will lose your appetite for 24 hours.

I don’t think I am the only being realizing that the home town of corona virus is free from that disease in it’s capital ” Beijing”. But today, the United States is locked down, new Delhi is locked down, Nigeria is locked down and many others. Are we going to fold our hands and drink coffee behind our t.v screen?

I miss the Nigeria of going to parks and having fun. I miss the Nigeria of spending time with friends without the distance. I miss Nigeria of buying groceries with ease. I miss the Nigeria of sleeping with two eyes closed. I miss the Nigeria of sea food feast. I miss the Nigeria of partying. I miss the Nigeria that we have been building. I feel like I am in another dimension but I don’t know how to open up a portal to leave. We need to realize what dimension we are and how to get out of it before we become aliens in our country.

God bless Nigeria. God bless West Africa. God bless the blacks. God bless US!!!!.




I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I head straight to business without a proper introduction. Many of you may have viewed my profile but some may be too impatient to do so but no offense taken. So I will get straight:

My name is Adanna Anita Annabel and I started my blogging career a year ago with http://www.bloggers.com where i made little progress and abandoned my work. I was born on the 1st November, 2000 and have been determined to be great from such a young age.

I love reading alot and I usually occupy my day with Wattpad and other online reading apps until I realized and discovered I could use my ink. I wrote a few poems and stories for friends and I was appreciated and I made a decision to keep my talent. I am not letting it go down the drain.

Well, for a starter, I don’t want to bore you with my info but I want you to understand that this blog is going to be exciting, educating and informative. So relax, sit back and read my daily updates by 10:00pm each day which promises to be captivating. Thanks for your patience to read through the information. 👏👏👋


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If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to be slaughtered.

~~Martin Luther K.

As large as the world may be, as different as it’s inhabitants may be, we all have privileges which we must enjoy regardless of our citizenship. That is our Fundamental “HUMAN RIGHT”. The most crucial and important is the “Freedom of speech and expression”.

Our world wouldn’t have been a complete sphere if the speeches made by different individuals were hindered and rebuked. It would be a complete disaster for our generation.

Our words shouldn’t be the gateway to abuse our privileges, our speech and expression of dissatisfaction shouldn’t be a pathway to violate our rights rather it should be an easy access to listen to our pain and cook up a solution to help us all.

It is our responsibility to see what has been left behind and draw the leaders attention, it is our responsibility to notice what has been left unnoticed and give our leaders the details. It should be at our primary interest to be transparent through proper detailing of all activities.

I am not blogging just for the citizens neither am I posting just for the teenagers. I am blogging for everyone who will or may view this blog post. I am blogging for leaders, citizens and everyone in this sphere.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~~Martin Luther king

Luther K. Changed the world with his words. The blacks had their rights violated but he pulled us through it. In 1963, in buses, blacks and white sat separately and blacks were even Arrested for not giving up their sit for a white. Martin didn’t amend that with violence, his words worked the magic. He fought for our freedom, he fought for indiscrimination and served us our freedom. He knew his rights and how to utilize them. His point of view of the world was labelled “unfair” and he wanted to set things right and make them fair. Today, our freedom as blacks is acknowledged and dedicated to him.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

~~Nelson Mandela

It’s not news to everyone about the issues in 1964 when the blacks and whites lived separately under a system called “apartheid.” It was illegal for blacks to attend the same schools, use the same hospitals or even beaches as whites. The condition of the whites was much better.

But Nelson made a speech in court before he was sent to prison tittled” I Am The First Accused.”.

He wasn’t threatened because he was going on a jail term. He was determined to speak the truth. He was going to express his point of view to the world. Today, he has made history and he is loved across the globe.

You are no different from Nelson and Martin, are you?

Our voices should be heard, our words should be acknowledged and our speeches should be dated. We can’t continue to live in fear of the unknown, we should express our point of view to the world.

In my opinion, we should be perfect descriptions of liberty. We should live a life of our predecessors and stand by the truth.

We Shouldn’t suffer in silence, we should speak up. The world needs to hear our pain, they need to listen to our voices and learn from our agony.

Our silence will not heal up our wounds, it would only prepare a grave for us to lie in. How would you love to write history?

Do you way to be remembered after death or forgotten? We should strive to be outspoken and limit our silence. We should express our point of view on political issues, economic crises, health problems and many others. We should Develop and learn our rights in order to practice them.

To conclude, please express your point of view on the current issues of life. Join the conversation on this blog and let the world read our words. I will be honoured to discuss crucial issues so please leave me a comment on your point of view on various issues.




In 1975, Bill Gates left the Ivy league school “Havard” and bacame a dropout. He was tagged ” crazy“, “insane” and “stupid” for the decision he made. Noone saw what he saw. Noone planned what he planned. Noone saw what was on the other side.

CNN Founder Ted Turner was expelled from Brown University for allowing his girlfriend to live with him in his dorm room. He must have been humiliated and disgraced. “What a pain in the ass”, his parents must have said and an insolent brat. Ted moved on. Noone saw the Hope he saw. Noone planned the progress he was planning. Noone saw what was on the other side.

WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum, dropped out of San Jose State University. His friends spelt him “ruined” and family named him “irrelevant”. Jan wasn’t limited. Noone understood what he did. Noone invested like he did. Noone saw what was on the other side.

In 1962, Ty Warner, the creator of Beanie Babies, dropped out of Kalamazoo college because he couldn’t afford it. This was dated by the Chicago Tribune. Warner was inspired by his misfortune. Noone encouraged him. Noone saw what was on the other side.

At age 12, Isaac Newton the world best scientist was removed from school because he couldn’t meet up the standards and did poorly in academics due to his independent pursuit. He didn’t give up because he knew noone saw what he saw and noone could see what was on the other side.

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